Dubler2 Reaper recording

When I use your microphone to record my melody with DAW Reaper no sound comes out, I have seen your videos where the demonstrator sings through the microphone and in real time the sound comes out to him which unfortunately does not happen to me. Can you explain to me step by step how to solve this problem using DAW Reaper?
Thank you,

Hi Massimo,

Can you tell me your full setup:

  • What mic you are using?
  • What OS are you on?
  • Are you using an audio interface?

We have a guide here on how to use Reaper with Dubler 2 if you haven’t seen it already How to use Dubler 2 with Reaper

Hi Josh,

  • I use the microphone that you give with your software.
  • Windows 10.
  • I use an M-Audio Air 192 I 6 audio interface, the microphone is connected via USB to my computer.
    Thank you for your guide

Hi Massimo,

Can you confirm your audio ouptut is working as usual in Reaper? Can you play back any audio and hear it as you would expect

One thing we need to figure out is if the audio output is not working on a track, or if no MIDI input is getting to your track at all. Can you send a screenshot of your setup in Reaper and also Dubler’s audio device settings? That way we can try spot anythign that might be causing issues.

If you’ve followed the guide Josh posted earlier and still having poblems you can also attempt a complete reinstall of Dubler to check everything is working as expeceted. How to completely reinstall Dubler 2

Hi Liam, thanks to your guide on how to configure Dubler2 with Reaper I was then finally able to solve the problem I mentioned. Thank you very much!