Expression Control Mapping

Hey guys -
I seem to be having an issue on Mac OS X in Logic, with Dubler’s Expression control. As I increase the plosiveness of my “trigger” attacks, the expression control seems to go down - which seems counterintuitive and results in nearly silent drum sounds. Is there any way to adjust how the mic responds to this?

Also - I want to use Dubler along with other audio hardware; but I’m not sure if it’s enough to select just the interface I’m using for audio and monitoring in logic, and the Dubler mic in the Dubler app, or if I should be using an aggregate device which includes both.

Let me know if you have a solution.

Hi Transmografy

It may be difficult to answer this properly without hearing an example but will give it a shot. Expression with the triggers is all based on velocity and the examples you’ve trained, so it will be listening for changes in volume mostly from your trigger. Any other changes when it comes how you make the trigger sound won’t effect expression. You can turn velocity sensitivity off for each trigger or you can also change the overall input sensitivity in the control settings

If this hasn’t answered the question please feel free to send an example video over to and we can probably chat more in detail on there!

In terms of audio inputs, our software handles the audio input from the Dubler USB mic so if you want to use another audio interface in Logic whilst still using Dubler as a MIDI controller this is absolutely fine. However if you want to take the audio input from both the Dubler USB mic and also another mic or input then as you mentioned you’ll need to create an aggregate device for this to work

Let me know if you have any questions about this