Feature request: Offer Midi CC output as Aftertouch

The title says it all. Currently I have to use a midi modifier to translate a midi CC to aftertouch. Would be stellar to include that as an option!

There’s definitely some interesting possibilities when it comes to creating an aftertouch equivalent with the voice, but either way we’ll add this to our feature request list! Even if it would be an option to convert one of the vowels or envelope to send an aftertouch message as opposed to CC value

Just out of interest what plugins are you controlling with Dubler and aftertouch messages?

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Thanks for the reply!

I was working on a project where I was using the dubler as an advanced wind controller for my Korg Kronos. I had to emulate a Miles Davis passage, so I used the flugel horn in the Kronos, which has a tasty vibrato tied to the aftertouch of the keyboard. In order to use that, I tied the OOO vowel to midi CC 91, and modified it in Logic to aftertouch via the modifier plugin.

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Ahh that’s super interesting, if you ever had any results would love to hear them. Overall the vowels are definitely an under used feature, would be good to highlight some of the possibilities of using vowels alongside other synths