Features wish list?

Is there a feature wish list where people could sugest what they’d like in Dubler2?
I think midi control would be an amazing feature.
Maybe using mido capture ,as a way to midi control Dubler?

Hi! At the moment we have a feature request topic on this forum which you can tag a post in, we then make note of all user requests in there. (We already have external MIDI control of the software listed!)

Any news on external midi control feature? It would be a game changer for my workflow. Atm it realy slows me dow needing to use mouse to togle the pitch((sub bass has to be -1 octave).
Also,wanted to add , that i realy love dubler2 . Perfect for lofe looping in combination with mainstage3.


It’s on our backlog but we can’t put a timeline currently. There are a few features, including MIDI control, that would tie into Dubler’s live use so it’s something we’ll likely look into as part of a bigger project but we’ll keep everyone updated we go!

Nice one. That would be amazing. Being able to change the pitch and maybe to turn the chords on/off without accessing Dubler’s software would be a game changer.Cheers

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