FL Studio crashes every single time I attempt to use Vochlea


Im using a Apple M1 Big Sur

My FL consistently crashes when I attempt to use vochlea - I get 10 seconds of use out of it then I receive this error Message :

FL Studio ( [Apple Silicon] r26855 has encountered an error and needs to restart.

Crash log saved to /Users/tommycrowder/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Support/Logs/Crash/ folder.

Please use Cmd+C to copy this message and report to support.

**Exception: **
MacOS Big Sur Version 11.2.3 (Build 20D91)
Bus error or misaligned data access

**Callstack: **
00000001061A0000:00000001069CF600: FLEngine_x64.dylib

I’ve tried reinstalling the Vochlea app, Updating FL and even swapping out the cables. This has been a pretty nauseating experience because I haven’t found any help online. Is Vochlea fully optimal with M1 computers ? I didn’t have this problem when I was using windows PC. Really looking forward to hearing from you guys soon , I love Vochlea its so discouraging not being able to use it.

Hi Tommy,

Dubler has been tested and should run without issues on M1 computers. It may be something to specific to FL Studio but it’s hard to say at this stage. Could you let us know your computer specs? Do FL Studio and Dubler presumably run without issues independently and this only happens when they are open together? Could you also send a screenshot of FL’s audio preferences

Thanks for your patience, we’ll work to get this resolved for you!

Firstly, thank you so much for your fast reply man. Im on a MacBook Pro M1, 2020 running Big Sur 11.2.3. FL and Dubler runs perfectly fine independently - this only occurs when i’m attempting to use Dubler inside of FL. Ive attached screenshots of my audio settings and midi settings.

Thank you Liam.

Thanks for sending those over. We’ve been testing with FL and Mac here in the office, and can’t seem to recreate any crashes. Could you also clarify if FL only crashes when you start to use Dubler, or if it crashes when Dubler is open even if it’s not used

If you could try a couple things it could help us pinpoint where the issue lies. Could you first try open FL on it’s own and put your buffer size to it’s maximum amount and then try to open Dubler (The latency would obviously be incredibly bad here but if it runs it could indicate it’s a CPU issue)

Secondly could you first open Dubler on it’s own and turn off both the triggers and pitch via the toggles at the top of the play tab

If you then open FL studio does it crash, and if not can you turn just one side on to work with?

Thanks for your patience on this, we’ll try get to the bottom of what’s causing these crashes


FL only crashes when I start to use Dubler - I can leave the Dubler application on without any issues but as soon as I start to use it within FL I receive that Crash Log. I’ve opened FL with the buffer size all the way up and it still crashed. Turning the triggers and pitch off didn’t cause it to crash however, as soon as I turn either one of them back on FL proceeds to crash.

Hi, thanks for testing that. It seems to be a MIDI based issue rather than a CPU problem. Unfortunately, as mentioned it’s not something we’ve been able to recreate on our end. Could you let me know the specific version of FL you are running?

I’m unsure if this will resolve the issue but could you setup an IAC driver and use that as a the MIDI input in FL as opposed to our virtual MIDI port? It may be interesting to see if this makes any difference. You can see our guide explaining IAC drivers and how to set them up here - https://vochlea.com/tutorials/setting-up-an-iac-driver-on-mac-2

Thanks again for your patience on this, if we need we’ll reach out to image-line as the crash reports will be more useful to them than us in regards to what’s causing this