Flute instead of vocals?

Hi. First of all. What an amazing tech you guys have come up with. I just have the following question.

So I’m primarily an Indian bamboo flautist. I was wondering if I can use my flute sound instead of vocal sound to get midi out? I’ll be much more comfortable in doing pitch bends and dynamics with my flute instead of the vocals.

Please let me know if you want any clarifications in this question.


Hi Tejas,

Dubler is currently only aimed at the voice, so that’s all we claim to be able to translate accurately but that being said you could absolutely experiment with other instruments. The flute should work well as it’s quite similar to the voice in regards to being monophonic

If you’re using your own mic you’ll want to make sure you go through the calibration steps with the flute to check the gain settings are correct. Other than that you should be good to go!

I´m very interested in this discussion. Personally I have a lot of experience with Audio to midi in realtime with midi merlin and my cello. There it was better to use a pickup than a microphone. Does this make sense also with dubler?
Will I get the full MPE range?

A pickup would probably give the most focused signal, so should work better than a microphone providing it was calibrated properly. But as mentioned, this isn’t something we’ve done any real testing with so I couldn’t say anything for definite!

As Dubler is just aimed at the voice there are certain restrictions that will apply if you’re using a Cello. So no polyphony, and we also don’t currently translate information like vibrato or glissandos (you could get a similar sound with pitch bend though)

It’s not Cello, but this video explores using guitar as an input through pickups so it may be of interest. I’ve timestamped the link for the guitar part -

Thank you for your response. This is really interesting. I’ll most probably buy and experiment it for myself