Fresh installation, heavy latency problem

Hello, I just installed the software on my PC and I’m encountering an high latency issue. I’m speaking about 2-3 seconds of latency. The PC is totally new, builded by myself and tought to perform at best for music production, the audio interface is also brand new (RME Babyface Pro FS).

All the system was builded and run for the first time with standard settings and with “Windows 10 Professional” OS installed. I installed and updated every driver and than installed the Dubler software and microphone

PC spec:
CPU: i9-10900k (fastest intel on market)
Memory: M.2 NVMe SSD Samsung (fastest on the market)
Motherboard: Asus ROG maximus XII Hero (Wi-Fi) chipset z490
Graphic card: MSI GTX Geforce 1660
PSU: EVGA SUpernova G3 750 Watt
RAM: Trident Z 2x8GB
Colling System: NZXT Kraken z73

Process for installation of Dubler software and microphone:
Restarted the PC after update of drivers, Installed the dublòer software, restarted pc, started the dubler software and connected the microphone to the PC via USB to the PC, waited the installation of microphone to end, closed the software, turned off PC, disconnected the mic, restarted PC, started software and connected the microphone back via USB.

I tryed to take a look in the Dubler software for any latency setting but there is nothing releated to it, so before “touch” here and there I would like to know if you can help me out solving the problem. This amount of latency make it impossible to use it properly even on his own software. I really liked the idea of this awesome instrument with this awesome concept behind and i tought (and still think) that this instrument will be a game changer for my production so I would definetly prefer to get a fix for this problem than asking for refund.

Thanks for your attention and for any answer.

Hi Andrew,

Latency is often dependant on audio drivers. When using the inbuilt soundcards on a PC, latency will often be pretty bad. If you’re on PC we recommend using ASIO4ALL if you don’t have an audio interface that comes with an audio driver. ASIO4ALL is free to download

Once you’ve done downloading, you can select it as the audio driver in whatever DAW you are using, and then make sure the buffer size is set to 128 samples or below. This should hopefully resolve the latency problem!

You can find our help guide on how to do this with ASIO4ALL here:

If you need any more help depending on your specific setup and DAW drop us an email to and we can guide you through it in more detail!

As I said, I have an RME Babyface Pro FS and this one like every other audio interface doesn’t have the usb input so how can be possible to connect it to the audio interface? Plus here I’m not speaking about using it to the DAW, I’m speaking about use the mic with his own proper software

Apologies I misread the RME babyface at the start! You shouldn’t connect the Dubler mic to the interface, it should just connect directly to your computer. You should then use the audio drivers from your Babyface in whatever music making software you are using Dubler with

Dubler is just a MIDI controller and so doesn’t generate any sounds itself, can I ask where are you experiencing the latency and what software you are using Dubler with to make music?

If you prefer please feel free to drop us an email to and we can open a support ticket and discuss on there! I’d also be happy to arrange a video call if you want to go through the setup in person

As I typed in the first message, the mic is connected via usb to the PC and I’m using the vochlea dubler software to try the product. not DAW or any other software… I’m using the original software downloaded from Vochlea website

Dubler is only a MIDI controller so won’t be able to actually generate any sounds itself, apologies I’m unsure on where you are experiencing latency. The software available to download from the website will be seen by other music making software just the same as a MIDI keyboard for example, but you shouldn’t hear any audio with Dubler on it’s own

As mentioned feel free to drop us an email to help if you want to go through this in depth or want to setup a video call together