How come my bass drum is being detected as a hat?

A lot of the time maybe like 80% of the time my bass drum (kick sound) is being used in place of my hat sound… Kick high punch out hat low punch high treble. Just not sure what up as it mainly happens when I’m humming along with the beat boxing… Which is the reason i wanted Dubler to capture my humming along with my drum beats but it’s delivering a massive amount of kick drum midi instead. Is there a way to fine tune the detection range and stuff? I would seriously love to get the working flawlessly I have a high-end mic and interface so shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s likely this is due to trigger training, and how the examples are recorded. Dubler is listening for just the very initial transient of a sound and can sometimes mis trigger if two are trained similarly or if you vary from the trained examples.

It may be that when humming and making your hat sound, the very beginning is similar to some kick examples. I would recommend retraining both the kick and hat examples taking care to listen to what specific sounds you are making in flow

You can also adjust the sensitivity slider over the triggers in the play tab to see if this helps the detection.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 10.19.29

I realise it’s quite hard to troubleshoot stuff like this without hearing examples so you can always email us at if you’d prefer to do a video chat