How good is dubler at piano chord progessions

Hi, I’m new to the forum and haven’t bought Dubler yet as I’ve been trying to find a video showing how good it is at triggering acoustic piano sounds for blues songs.
Yes, it’s great at single note stuff like drums, bass etc, and also chord “pads” that don’t have much movement in them, just one chord going to another.
I’m interested in being able to recreate some Boogie Woogie type blues piano playing ( think Jools Holland type stuff that has lots of runs and intricate fast changes rather than just one chord finishing and another starting , a bit like my inadequate keyboard skills !
If anyone has managed this sort of thing, I’d love to hear what it can do before I part with my money. Cheers, Mark in Wales.

Hi Mark, Boogie Woogie style blues is quite difficult to replicate using Dubler and I think you would struggle to create something directly in the style of Jools Holland. There are a number of reasons for this, but there are certain limitations to what you can do with the voice, and also in turn what you can do with MIDI information. A lot of the sound in boogie woogie blues comes from the rhythm which can be hard to recreate with note onsets

All of that being said you can get pretty close with some melodies, but you may want to tidy up the MIDI information slightly after. I just had quick play around set to a blues scale in Dubler and used a stock default piano in Ableton. This is completely untidied and just played around in one take but I’ve attached some audio recordings that might give you a close idea of how it might sound. (with some tweaking and more practicing I’m sure you could get something more musical there are a couple odd rhythms in there) MIDI Capture might give you some good results in tidying up the MIDI for you as well.

I recorded chords and single notes at the same time on different tracks -

Just mic -

Chords -

Single notes -

Thanks a lot. That’s so nice of you to spend time replying with so much info.
I may well take the plunge and buy dubler .
Cheers, Mark in Wales.