How to record midi and audio at the same time

I just bought Dubler 2 to try it out and to create some music for school. I imagined that I could record an audio track meanwhile I can record midi into another track in Ableton through Dubler 2. Is there a way how to record both of them?
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Hi David, can you first let us know whether you’re on Mac or Windows, and also if you’re using your own mic or the Dubler mic?

If you’re on Mac you can simply select your mic input in both your DAW and Dubler, and it should work without issues. For Windows it’s a bit more complicated due to the way it handles audio.
In order to use the same mic as an input in two different apps, you’ll need to use an audio interface that comes with multi-client ASIO drivers.
If you can let us know what interface you are using if any we can see if it has multi-client drivers or not, but unfortunately this is the only way to use the same mic in two apps

Hello thanks for the reply.
I´m on Windows and using my SM7B with Steinberg UR-22C.

I’ve taken a look online and it seems there’s some conflicting info on whether the Steinberg ASIO drivers are multi-client or not, but based on previous feedback from users it looks like they are not. We unfortunately don’t have one to test with here, but you can check by selecting the Steinberg driver as the output in both Dubler and your DAW and seeing if there are any conflicts

If Dubler isn’t compatible with your set up or doesn’t allow you to record audio and MIDI with your interface drop us an email at and we can take a look at return options. Very sorry for any disappointment, but if you have any questions let us know

When I select my intereface in Dubler I cannot select it in Ableton and also the other way around.
I don´t want to return Dubler since I want to use it also for generating midi only. I´m also thinking about routing the mic into two separate interfaces. One with Dubler 2 and another with Ableton. That could work.

Yes, it looks like the Steinberg ASIO drivers aren’t multi-client but this unfortunately also limits using it just for generating MIDI. You can read more if you’re interested on our ‘is my interface compatible with Dubler’ FAQ here -

The only alternative would be to use a different audio interface that has multi-client drivers (some recommendations are mentioned in that FAQ) or to use separate drivers for Dubler and Ableton. This could either be two interfaces as you’ve mentioned, or something like our USB mic has it’s own in-built interface and drivers

Hi, So if I have the dubler mic and a steinberg Interface, I can use this mic both for midi and audiorecording?