I can't put my key in B-flat major?

Hello there. I recently purchased a blur after doing extensive research on it this past month. I was so excited to use the software and I find it really helpful however the first song that I went to work on is sung in a B flat major scale and I don’t see an option to select flat keys as a key signature. It only offers sharp notes. Is there anything I’m missing? There’s no way for me to select a key that’s in the flat major scale then I don’t know if this software is for me.

Hi Ruby,

We have been responding to your messages on our support channel but they may be going to your SPAM or junk mail.

With regards to your issue - Dubler 2 represents B flat as a C sharp on our pitch wheel. Unfortunately there is no way to change this via our application. If you want options for all of the notes in the pitch wheel, select Chromatic in the key drop down list. You can then select which notes you want on or off by clicking on them individually on the pitch wheel!