I paid for Dubler 2 TWICE, but didn't receive the product!

So here is how it all happened. First I purchased Dubler 2 software (costing 219€, or 217.03USD) before creating my Vochlea account, but instead of receiving the product (serial code/download link etc), I got an error message which said that: “ZIP code does not match billing address”.

This was very weird, because I looked from postal services that my ZIP code was correct. I tried it few more times with different zip codes, but it always gave me the same error message.

After that I got an idea to try it again, but this time by creating a Vochlea account before purchasing the product. So I created a Vochlea account with the same email as I used before with the last payment, and to my surprise I received a coupon code to my email.

I used that coupon code to make Dubler 2 software 32.85€ (32.56USD) cheaper than before, so now it costed 186.15€ (184,48USD). Then I tried to made the purchase again but again I received the same error message stating that ZIP code is wrong, and again I didn’t receive the product at all.

After that I checked out how my bank account was doing and I was extremely shocked upon realizing that even after not giving me the product, Vochlea still took my money from my bank account, and it did it twice.

I was worried that I lost my money for nothing…
But luckily after about 2 hours, the transaction was successfully cancelled and I got all of my money back.

However I’m still making this thread, because bug like this is extremely dangerous. I have no idea why your zip code system is not working in Finland, and more importantly I can’t think of a reason why your system makes the payment first, before checking the zip code.

This doesn’t make any sense. If zip codes are that important, then why not to check zip codes first before proceeding with the payment?!

Hi, very sorry you’ve had these issues when trying to order. We do accept orders from Finland, and zip codes are working as usual. The error with zip codes not matching a billing address means that the zip code does not match the one registered on your card. Please double check the zip code registered with your payment provider and make sure this is the one used on your billing address, especially if it’s different from your shipping address

In regards to unsuccessful orders, we do not take or receive any of the money from these. The amount is held as a pending transaction by your payment provider, it is then returned when the transaction is declined. Apologies for any inconvenience, we’ll contact our payment processor to see if there’s anything we can do to prevent this from happening in the future. Feel free to email us at help@vochlea.co.uk if you want to chat any further about this

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