Is Doubler compatable with an electric instrument?

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if the Doubler only works with its mike or if it will recognize another tipe of signal. I play the electric cello, wich uses a regular jack cable —like an electric guitar would— and I would like to plug my cello to the Doubler, not to record but to use it as a performing tool.

Would it be possible to amplify the MIDI that the Doubler produces, so that when I play, the audience hears a flute, instead of a cello?

And if that ispossible, would the sound have enough quality?

Another question. Could I load other MIDI soud libreries and select them as sounds for the Doubler to produce?

Imagine I have a MIDI arabic air flute sound, could I use the Doubler to activate that sound when I play my cello?

Thanks for the answers.

Hi Saile,

If you’re running the Cello through an audio interface you could select that interface as an input in Dubler! You can then follow the calibration steps and you should be good to go. It’s worth noting that at the moment Dubler is only aimed at the voice so isn’t intended for use with instruments like a cello, whilst you may get some interesting results there maybe some other things that don’t work as well but you can absolutely experiment. One of the biggest limitations to keep in mind is that as the voice is monophonic Dubler can only translate one note at a time, so it won’t work if you play any chords or overlapping notes on the cello.

In regards to the MIDI output this can be used with any libraries or plugins you own. Dubler is intended as a MIDI controller for other software such as Ableton, Garageband e.t.c so if you have an arabic air flute sound you like to use you can definitely use Dubler to control it. If you have any questions let me know!