Is there a way to recalibrate mic?

When I first downloaded the program I skipped through the beginning because I didn’t have the mic yet, now that it’s arrived, it isn’t being picked up AT ALL…not able to record takes, only showing up at 11% on high sensitivity. Tried reinstalling…help???

Hi Joopiter, can you describe the issue in more detail. Do you have the Dubler mic but it is not being registered in the app? Can you see the Dubler mic listed in the top right?
Could you also send a screenshot of your audio device settings which you can access via the cog in the top right

We can then take a look into this for you!

Yes I have the dubler mic and see it in the app, but when I press an instrument it doens’t record me/register me at all?

Thank you for the speedy reply!

Hi Joopiter, I would first check that your security settings aren’t blocking the mic input. You can find our troubleshooting guide for how to resolve this here - Dubler 2 - Microphone recognised but no response on Mac

If you haven’t seen it I would also recommend watching our getting started with Logic video here, just to check the configuration is correct with your DAW - Dubler 2: Setting up with Logic Pro - YouTube

Let me know if this sorts the issue. If not please email us at and we can arrange a video chat to get you started