Is this all there is to it?

So, you install the Dubler app on the Mac. Then you plug a digital? microphone into the Mac? Where do you plug it in on the Mac? Is that all you need? Or do you need to obtain paid or free VST instruments. Then, all you do is sing into the microphone, and Dubler converts it into a musical instrument sound. Is that it? We are being bombarded this month with AI everything, and it’s hard to keep everything straight.

And, is there a video online that just shows what Dublr can do, changing a human voice into A RANGE of different instruments? Without tons of explanations, and walk-throughs, and people talking for 57 minutes during their 1 hour demonstration. When you’re buying a house you just want to look at the rooms and the yard, before you start examining the electrical system and if the gutters are clogged.

In regards to the microphone you can connect any mic you like to the software or use our custom USB mic. The mic can be plugged in via an audio interface if you’re using, or just direct into the a USB slot

Dubler has a few in-built sounds but it’s intended for use with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) such as garageband, logic, ableton e.t.c These softwares contain the sounds that you’ll control using Dubler. You connect it to your DAW like a MIDI keyboard so the workflow is exactly the same.

We have our full walkthrough that explains everthing in depth however we do also have a quick overview if you don’t need all that detail -

If you have any other questions let me know