Issues with Boss RC 505 Mk2 - Please help

Hey everyone!

Can´t wait to give dubler a try but I just can´t set it up properly. First here´s a look at my setup:

DAW: Ableton Live 11
Mic: Sennheiser E8155 plugged into RC 505 via Midi Cable
Audio Interface: Boss Rc 505 Mk2
Speaker: JBL Partybox 1000 connected to Boss Rc 505 via chinch cables

Everytime i want to calibrate my Mic Dubler shows me it´s too loud. No matter how far i turn down the Mic gain on the Boss RC 505. That makes the Application not functional as it wont detect any correct notes after calibration. I found out that the issue seems to be using the Boss RC 505 as both Input and Output device. Whenever I uncheck the output device the calibration works perfectly (i assume since i hear no actual audio and can only see the visuals in the application)

How can i manage that since there is no dedicated ASIO driver for the 505 loopstation. Anyone able to help ?

Thx in advance and cheers !

Hi tbere. I used the Vochlea mic connected to the laptop amd tge signal was sent to my DAW n then to the rc505 back to DAW.

Make sure you set the usb to vendor in rc’s settings.

Hope that helps .

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