Just got the software need some recomendations

Got the software, (already have a box full of mics, so did not get the dubler mic) After trying out the software, it appears that I need to use an audio interface or a more modern connection as the equipment that I have just appears to be a bad fit. Need some recommendations on what the best equipment to consider. (running MAC 11.7.10) with a Xenyx 1204 usb, (which does not function or is not recognized) cant get it to work, so now I am trying to see what the best equipment is to try this out. (I am seeing a lot of negative feedback on the focusrite product line) mostly complaints about the quality of the product, line noise, etc, actually there are a lot of complaints about ALL of the audio interfaces, from combined output, to a multitude of other issues so I am at a loss as to what product to go with. I have so far tried five different mics, including a dynamic mic and none of them are producing results that I imagined when I bought this software. (to rub salt in the wound, when I realized that I might be better off with the doubler mic, the sale price was off) LOL, thinking I might just get a refund on the software and call this a lost cause.

Hi, if you’re on Mac then you should have no issues getting input from your Xenyx so if that’s your preferred input I think we can try troubleshoot that first.
Is the Xenyx just not listed during the calibration process, or can you see it but are getting no input from the mic? If you can provide any details or screenshots of the issue we can help get it resolved

Also we strongly recommend using a dynamic mic, so definitely make sure you are using a dynamic when calibrating. If you’d prefer we can also take a look on a quick video call, you can email us at help@vochlea.co.uk to organise a time

Hi, it is possible that the xenyx unit is faulty, I get nothing from the unit, no signal on the USB side, (a generic driver was loaded by the operating system but no sound or any device shows, on the computer, (I ordered a focusrite, plus a shure mic) waiting on that now, thanks for your reply, it is appreciated.

Okay no worries, let us know if you have any issues with the focusrite and shure and we’ll be happy to get you up and running