Last update crashes

I have getting problem with new Dubler2 update.

Midi capture and Dubler2 interface is not working properly,i uninstalled and installed 2 times but didnt fix…

Windows 11
Ableton Standard 11
Audient id4

(It was working very well before Dubler2’s last update)

Hi, it looks like this is an older version of MIDI Capture and not the most up to date. Please make sure to uninstall both Dubler and MIDI Capture in ‘Add or Remove Programs’

Once this is done make sure you have the latest version from our website and check the versions in both Dubler 2 and the MIDI Capture app. Dubler should be on version 2.2.1 and MIDI Capture on 1.3.1

If this is still not the case after restarting your machine let me know

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New Midi capture plugin is another download?
Under what can I find the download tab?