Latency in mac logic x

I bought Dubler recently and decided to give a go today. I am using Logic Pro X on an iMac. I am trying to record with Pitch.
Already struggling with getting the exact notes ( I am a singer) and key restriction, but that seems to be a learning curve of usage. BUT!
As I record in Logic the timing seems on point when I sing. All good. However when I press enter, the midi file that is saved seems nowhere near.
SO I have a screenshot on which you can see I am trying to sing along to some chords. You can see the output of Dubler 2 is way off those chords and tempo. Plus the sustain is insane, when the midi file is finished playing it just continues. Latency is on 128. All settings seem ok. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, sorry you’re having issues with latency. As a first port of call can you try turn on Low Latency Monitoring mode in the Record tab to see if this helps latency?

Also I can see in your settings that the process buffer range is set to large which will increase latency slightly. I would recommend lowering this to medium or small to see if this also helps

Let me know if this two points help, if the issue continues after this we can dig a bit deeper and try find the cause of the additional latency. With the sustained notes issue does this happen only on particular synths or across any plugin? Does it also happen consistently with all notes or just some occasional ones (i.e only when using chords, only when in a particular octave e.t.c)

I have followed all that you said but it makes no odds. I have tried with a fairly simple synth plugin too to see if the sustain is in the plugin. It just seems to go to half a step later. As shown in the screen shot.
I also think getting it to do the note that you sing far trickier than expected. In my experience percussives sounds don’t work at all! I need to come in as softly as possible and them maybe it gets it right. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It may be easiest to arrange a video chat if possible? That way we can take a look in person and try pinpoint where the latency is added. If you could email us at we can arrange a time. If you’re unable to do a video chat we can of course continue to try resolve this on email as well

I sent an email back to the address suggested, but nothing back so far.
Real shame that I can’t use a piece of software that cost me 300 euros…
In theory, if it would work it’s such an awesome thing.
This is why demo’s are a good idea.

Hi Stella, we respond to all tickets within 2 working days so you should have had a reply by now. If not please PM me on here and I’ll get a chat booked in ASAP

Sorry for a the delay but I was just able to confirm what I thought earlier on last week.
Strangely enough, on an older Mac, problems arise when you are not running software as an administrator. Solving that issue on my iMac has made all the difference to using some software and updating everything. Suddenly all the notes calibrate perfectly and the timing is spot on.
Just in case you encounter more people with Mac latency issues: please let them check if they are running their software as an admin, it might make the world of a difference! Thanks for the help though…

Hi, that’s very interesting. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll make sure to look into this a bit more and see if there are any steps we can do to help prevent that from happening. If there are any more issues that pop using Dubler please let me know, but thanks for your patience in troubleshooting!