Latest Dubler Release - Key Tab Changes

Hey everyone, here’s the Release Notes for version 2.0.12 - (Released 19.07.22)

What’s new:

New improved UI for the Key Tab

  • The same functionality but laid out in a more user friendly format to help you get into the right key.
  • “Sing in Notes” has been renamed “Key Detect”.
  • New filter added to the scale suggestion list to help display the most common scales (simple). If you wish to view more advanced scale options, toggle to advanced.
  • Hover over a scale to preview the notes in that scale.
  • Applying a scale will now redirect you back to the Play tab

Auto Key Detect

  • Auto Key Detect will detect the notes you are singing and assign you to the closest matching full scale.
  • When creating a new profile, Dubler will automatically enter into Auto Key Detect mode.
  • Auto Key Detect can also be selected from the scale drop down lists in the Play Tab and Key Tab.

Japanese language update

  • Some terms in Japanese have changed, for example:
    • (Play Tab) previously 演奏 is now called プレイ
    • (Train Tab) previously 学習 is now called トリガー
    • The vowels and envelope have been reverted back to English:
      • あ is now aaa
      • い is now iii
      • う is now uuu
      • エンベ is now env (envelope)

This latest version can be downloaded via the downloads section of your Vochlea account!

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