Live AMA - Stream live on April 16, 2020 (with Daven)


I just want to inform you that the first part of Live AMA (Stream live on April 16, 2020, with Daven) is missing on YouTube. In the beginning of that Live stream Daven has shown us some new features of Dubler software. Would you please show us these new features in a new film on YouTube?


Hey @Stephen,

In the end, the first part of the AMA did get stored on YouTube:
New Feature AMA

I think it was just during the stream that it was missing, but YouTube assembles/fixes it after the stream ends and you publish it as a video.

Don’t worry the team will put together a much better video for it in the future, walking you through it and giving usage tips etc.

Best wishes,

Hey Daven,

thank you very much for your quick response!

Best wishes