Live Stream Thread

Hi everyone,

Just starting a thread here where we’ll post the latest live stream updates and where we can also have suggestions for future streams / demos

Our first tester live stream is live here -

Our next live stream is currently planned for September 23rd where we’ll be taking a look at chords, and how you can use Dubler as a music theory tool

If there’s anything you want to see on stream, or have any questions you want answered live drop them in this thread!

Hi everyone, our next live stream is scheduled next week for Friday 23rd September. Aykan will be exploring chords and songwriting with Dubler 2

The stream link is here, and you can click to be notified when it goes live

If you aren’t able to make the stream you can ask any questions or request any demos you want to see on this thread and it will be uploaded straight after!

We’ve got another live stream coming up tomorrow, this time we’ll be exploring the all new MIDI Capture plugin

We’ll be exploring using Dubler directly in your DAW with MIDI Capture, as well as answering any questions you have. If you’ve got anything you’d like us to talk about or demo drop it in this thread

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it our latest live stream is up on Youtube - Live Stream: Cinematic Arpeggios with Dubler 2 - YouTube

In this one Aykan explores chords and arppegiators with Dubler 2! Our next two live streams will be taking a look at pitchbend and also sound design but as always if there’s something specific you want to see the team do on stream let us know