Lock Octave and Pitch Bend

Be great to be able to set what octave we wanted to play in
Since i find whistling works much better for me and being able to select the specific octave i want would help create more consistent results

I know the option to have a a note registered at higher or lower octave, but would be great to lock in 1 or 2 different octaves

also pitch bend in midi capture, just 2nding that one since it seems like that is in the works

Hi, thanks for the message! Appreciate the feedback on locking into an octave as it can move outside sometimes. I’ll add this to our feature request list!

Pitch Bend in MIDI Capture would be great - it’s something the team are aware of and we hope it’ll come into fruition soon. Maybe some sort of automation smoothing for pitch bend data could be added after recording the MIDI Data!

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