Love this idea ✨

I just learned about this product today and instantly purchased as it’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time but just now realized it existed. I’ve always wanted to record midi at the speed of thought in Logic Pro. I ordered the kit with the mic, I can’t wait until it arrives in 15 days or so!

In the meantime, do y’all have any educational/entertaining videos of people using this? I’m talking live performances, sick beats people made, etc. Feel free to share your favorite works here!

:musical_note: :microphone: :sparkles:

Hi Nico! Welcome to the community :wave:

You can find all our educational / setting up guides on our learn page here -

But if you’re interested in seeing Dubler used in lots of different ways I’d recommend checking out our YouTube playlist here -

We also have monthly live streams so if there’s something you want to see us do let us know!