Mac - signal but no sound

Seeing audio signal in the Dubler app but there is no sound. Tried going to Security Settings but “Micrphone” is not a listed to select.


Could you submit a help request at

Or you can also submit a form in the bottom right corner of

We can chat in depth on there and hopefully get this sorted ASAP



Ok. And to be clear, the Dubler mic is showing up in the Sound panel of System Preference but no sound. I’ll submit a help request.

I have the same problem. Signal, but no sound on osx :frowning:

Hi Kamrantanha. If you can contact we’ll get you sorted! Thanks, George

hi! just to be sure : the Dubler app gets audio signal from the mic, but only outputs midi… you have to set it as a midi input in your DAW or synth app to get sound…