Microphone calibration for iPhone

Hi, I plan on recoding most of my voice on my iPhone while not in the studio and then bringing the recoding into the studio and putting them through Vochlea. what does the calibration process involve and can it be done in non-real time? i.e. with a recoding from the iPhone


At the moment Dubler is intended for real time use, so there isn’t an option to route pre recorded audio through the software. We will look at non real time use in the future, and phone integration but for now the software is made for real time MIDI control!

Thanks. I’ve got the microphone so all good. But iPhone integration would be great especially as I get most of my ideas while out and about. A dedicated iPhone app would be really good especially if it allowed you to treat different sections with different algorithms. So I might be singing and then drop into a bit of the bassline and then some drums. Once loaded into a DAW this would give you all the bits you need.

I was also wanting something like this but more for being able to fine tune the calibration process by editing out bits I don’t want and some cases eqing parts that are making my kick drums too sensitive. I was thinking I could use something like Loopback audio to reroute the audio from ableton (or any daw) and then just select that as an input in Dubler. Just play the clip when the calibration process starts.

Something like this could end up adding quite a bit of latency, but could be good to experiment with. What specifically are you having issues with in regards to kick triggers? There may be something to be done during trigger training to help with this!

Oh yeah I just mean for calibration… and I will start a new thread with that question as don’t want to hijack this one! thanks