Mitigating end of note pitch bend data errors

Hi there! I’m a professional composer, impressed with Dubler 2 so far but there’s one aspect I’m struggling with.

Chromatic Tru Bend mode is for me the most exciting way of using Dubler - FINALLY a way to improvise truly legato phrases in MIDI with all the inflections and control over the glide speed in real time! Really cool when combined with physical modelling string instruments like the SWAM series too.

The problem i’m having is that at the end of a legato phrase (recorded as a single midi note + pitch bend data) the pitch will often ‘jump’ up or down as if it’s trying to snap to another note as I stop singing.

Of course I can iron these out in post and I’ve also found that adjusting the release value on the synth helps (although you then lose the tail of the synth). However it’s quite annoying when improvising in real time - which is one of the biggest strengths of the plugin IMO.

I’m new to Dubler so I was wondering if there’s something I’m missing, or if there’s some kind of technical limitation here? Would appreciate any insight as it seems like quite a basic stumbling block.

Anyway, awesome tech and I’m excited to see where it’s headed.


Hi Vince! Thanks for the feedback on this. Whilst the voice can naturally rise or lower when finishing a note there shouldn’t be a dramatic enough change that it hits a new note. How drastic is this pitch bend change, and is it consistent at the end of every note?

Could you possibly provide a screenshot of an example so we can take a look into this?

Hi Liam,

Here’s a video so you can hear what I mean. In the performance I was doing my best to cut off the notes abruptly.

On a closer inspection I can in some cases hear slight natural pitch changes in the voice which dubler is picking up on. There are however a few where I can’t hear an audible pitch change but it’s very apparent in the synth.

I have the Dubler set to chromatic and Tru Bend as mentioned before.


That’s great, thanks very much for sending that over. It’s super helpful. As you’ve mentioned there’s definitely some instances there where you wouldn’t expect such a bend, we’ll definitely take a look into this.
Will keep you updated with any findings!

p.s sounding really great in that video (aside from the unintended bends!) Would love to hear any of your work

Thanks for taking a look! Here’s a link to my website. I’m also quite active on YouTube :slight_smile:

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