Need Help Deleting All 3 Previous Activations Due To PC Issues

I am trying to use the Dubler2 program but it won’t let me login, says “maximum number of machines reached for your license,” but the last active date for all three of the activations is December and January. I was having all sorts of problems with FL Studio, MIDI headaches, and on top of that, trojans! So I reloaded my OS and restored the trojans accidentally, again! I have removed the trojans and have a freshly installed OS without the extra bloat so my Ryzen 5 processor and 32GB of RAM can handle all I’m throwing at it. Can someone please help me wipe out/erase the previous activations since neither of those IP addresses are using the software? Thanks for your help.

Hi. If you haven’t done so already please email us at and we can reset your machine registrations for you!