New user (obvs! :)) with Qs

Hello one and all.

As the product is brand new there are bound to be bumps along the way but I’ve not had the best start tbf. First the .exe file caused my PC to want to meltdown with my antivirus wanting to blast the file to kingdom come. Note it has never done this before and my settings are all at the very lowest intrusion.

Finally got round it and installed… then the website and help files just aren’t enough esp the troubleshooting section. I don’t have the green light showing the mic is connected but speaking into the mic plays a rather horrible Windows piano (actually it’s pretty cool) but I have no control over the mic in terms of (the green light is off), what settings I should use ie

Device type (set to Windows Audio)
Input device - Dubler
Virtual midi - off
Midi dev - MS GS WT synth

No other setups work. If I changed to ASIO the software hangs…

It all feels like going back in time to the late 1990s dealing with music software and hardware pain in the arse stuff…

I’ll go easy cos I love you guys, love the idea behind the product but right now I’m not feeling it.

Please make some suggestions. thanks!

Also the settings go back to defaults and need to be entered each time I restart the software…that can’t be right

Hey Kaom,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you email us at so I can give you some better support (e.g. a voice call/video chat).

This will help us get to the problem more quickly.

Anybody else having problems of this sort, is your best bet at the moment!

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In the meantime let me give you some clues. And thanks for being patient. :slight_smile:

First of all, you should absolutely be using Dubler ASIO driver. It’s also essential that you reboot your computer after installation on Windows or you will have problems using the ASIO driver (and virtual MIDI). They won’t work.

Now after starting, ensure Dubler ASIO driver is selected. Does this work? Can you try other USB ports?

Secondly, the reason you are hearing a weird windows piano is because that’s the MS GS WT synth you’ve selected as your MIDI output. You should only really use that MIDI output selection if you really know what you want to do with it. For example connect it to a piece of external hardware or a particular custom use case - this is for power users.

For 99% of people, including me, what you want to use is Virtual MIDI: ON

This will create a virtual MIDI connection from Dubler accessible to any other MIDI capable software on your computer. What you then need to do, is load your DAW of choice - for example Ableton, Cubase etc. Dubler will show up as a MIDI input in those pieces of software so you can control nice instruments.

Please read our guides at to get setup with a DAW

Hi Kaom,

How are you getting on? Just to let you know we’re still keen to help get you up and running smoothly (and learn from any experiences you’ve had so we can improve the process in the future!)

If you’re still experiencing issues just drop me an email at - that way we can track problems and if necessary schedule a support call. Have a nice evening! George

hi. sorry for the late reply. I’ve just reinstalled the .exe and it works now. Great!

thanks for coming back, really looking forward to using it

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