No audio from mic in Dubler 2 or into the mac

Hi, just got the Dubler mic, and software recognize it, but no sound is coming into Dubler 2. No sound is registred by my mac either, but when I create a new audio track in Reason, I am able to record audio into Reason from the Dubler mic.

System preferences are also setup. See attached screens.


Dubler 2 works with my old USB mic, but not optimal, so want to use the Dubler 2 mic

Hi Biodust. This is an unusual one, it sounds like a security preferences issue like you’ve mentioned. Can you try restart your computer now you’ve changed the security preferences and see if input is then working in the app?

Didn’t work :expressionless: I was wrong about Reason. It picked up the audio from the built in mic. My Elgato mic works in Dubler, but it is not optimal it seems.

Please advice.

So just to confirm no input is detected from the mic in either Reason, Dubler, or also as an input in the mac sound preferences? If so I would double check the USB connection and make sure it’s not a particular port or possibly test with another USB cable if you have one available.

Very sorry you’re having issues with this, if you still have no luck please email us at and we can get a replacement mic sent out to you straight away if we can’t get this fixed shortly

Yes! No input. Tried installing Dubler on my Macbook pro now with same results. Even tested the USB cable from my MPK249 so seems to be the mic. I can send you an email about the issue.