Octave Lock + New Chord sets?

Is it possible to have an Octave lock feature? :thinking: Usually, when I sing in Dubler sometimes it picks up lower registers because my voice is so deep, so I have to go 1+ Oct of where I want to sing and be mindful and take my time with it. Sometimes I don’t even mean to go that low in register. I end up going back and doing more takes over and over and it gets tedious sometimes. This would be a huge game-changer for people who want to sing in a specific range only, regardless of how deep or high their voice is.

Also, new chord sets would be nice, maybe a strum function like Scaler has. (PS wish you guys would collab with Scaler, the chord possibilities would be endless :partying_face: )

Hi. You can lock the octave of your output via the bottom right of the play tab

As you’ve mentioned this will allow you to sing in a comfortable range and adjust the octave to whatever you like!
And in regards to chords we definitely have this on our feature requests for future updates! I’ll make sure to specifically add a strum function as well for us to explore

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Either I’m using it completely wrong or it still picks up extremely lower registers, i can’t get it to work the way it should :thinking:

the octave feature will just adjust the octave of the MIDI output from Dubler, so it will still pick up all registers, just adjust the octave of that note. If you were looking to filter certain octave ranges you can maybe do this in your DAW with MIDI effects depending on what you’re using

What DAW are you working in?