One bad thing I found out with Dubler 2

I cant’t sing :smiley:

No seriously it’s working almost perfectly in my Live-Set (which is huge 418 scenes full with virtual instruments and audio clips). I say almost because I have the feeling that as soon as I select Dubler 2 in the MIDI settings in Ableton Live 11 the whole system gets sloppy. I need to track that down. (It’s unfortunately the same with the Touchable Pro script which I love but I couldn’t use it anymore due to a slow systm with the script.)

I also have to deselect the MIDI Remote input because I have other MIDI mappings and it was just doing random things when I was “singing” in many octaves.

Otherwhise I am looking forward to test in more.

One request would be a slower working pitch correction. It’s way to fast for me at the moment (3h of usage and much fun :slight_smile: )

Cheers so far,