Performance tips: Pitch

Hi everyone,

We’re starting a new video series talking about how we use different parts of Dubler, and what we do to get the best results

Our first video about pitch is now up on YouTube:

They’ll be more to come

If you have any ideas of videos you’d like to see or something you want to know more about let us know!

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Just to add to this, there is now also a performance tips video up for triggers

Hope it helps

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Your videos are set to private!


As these videos were a few years old they had since been updated. You can find these original videos here -

Although this is based around Dubler 1, some of the same points still stand. Otherwise you can find our other video on using pitch with Dubler 2 here! -

Ok I could watch the “Dubler 2 Using pitch to midi” and I already learned something: I tended to “mumble” before and that’s not good. Now I switched to the “Dadaaa…” instead.

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That’s great to hear, if you would like any more specific tips or tricks videos for using Dubler let us know!