Plans for IPad support?


I am writing to ask if there are plans for ipad support for Dubler? I have repetitive strain injury and cannot use traditional desktop computers/laptops, but I can use an iPad. I would love to be able to purchase dubler if it was supported for iPad as it would mean I would be able to make music again. I feel like it could change my life. If you could please let me know I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,



Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately at the moment we’re just focusing on the desktop version. As a small team, improvements and development for the desktop version are our main focus but we’d love to expand to more platforms like iOS in the future and it’s definitely something we’ve thought about. Do keep an eye out further down the line!


Expanding to iOS will be huge! Would live to use it with an iPad.

I would also be very grateful for that. That would be a huge input for my work flow.