Please help -- latency

Hi there,
The latency is just killing me, I just can’t find my interface to select it. How can I make it appear to select it?

I have apollo twin interface.

Here is a video to show how powerful my vocal is, and the latency just ruined it on me.


Sorry you’re having these issues - I can see that you are using a Windows computer.

Unfortunately Dubler currently can’t detect inputs via Apollo interfaces on Windows. This is stated in our minimum system requirements ( and FAQ (
Not using ASIO drivers as the output in your DAW will cause you to get very bad response / latency

Very sorry for any disappointment. Unfortunately this is due to UAD not releasing their drivers in 32 bit and so is outside of our control. If Dubler isn’t compatible with your system you can return it for a full refund via the orders section of your account here -

If you have any questions let me know

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