Possibility of virtual instrument with dubler

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I use a MacBook Pro and Ableton. I want to test the vochlea. I was wondering if it’s possible to connect other software of virtual instrument like for example the instrument of ethno world 6 with the vochlea. Or the virtual instrument are just that one propose the dubler.
Thanks for your answer

Hi Rachel,

You can use Dubler to control any virtual instrument you like, so you could absolutely use Dubler with something like ethno world 6. You can think of Dubler just the same as an external MIDI keyboard for example

Anything that takes MIDI input can be controlled using your voice! Let me know if you have any other questions

Thank you for your response. I have another question, though. I’ve tried several times to order the Dubler. But each time, they tell me that my card is not accepted. I live in France and I’m using a French card.
Is this related, and how can I resolve this issue?
Thank you

Hi, we accept orders from France so the location shouldn’t be an issue. Is there a specific error at checkout? It can sometimes be related to the billing address not matching the one attached to the payment method. If you’re still having issues drop us an email to help@vochlea.co.uk and we can look into any attempted transactions on there