Possible to develop scalable midi cc's?

I’d like to be able to set a floor and a ceiling for the range of midi cc’s . The implementation of this idea is handled well inside Omnisphere using graphic sliders to set the range ( and thereby the sensitivity ) of any cc.

As you mentioned you can do this inside certain plugins, and most DAWs also allow you to set a minimum and maximum value, but we can definitely add this to the feature list to make it quicker and easier to map the cc dials more accurately!

Thanks for the feedback

It is possible to do it within plugins, but that results in audible quality loss, as I’ve mentioned here: Curve adjustment for MIDI CC inside Dubler

Being able to do this within the Dubler is really important. A relevant example would be AddictiveTrigger, a plugin that is doing audio -> midi, similar to what Dubler does, and it features this functionality on its front ui, not somewhere deep within the options (see my second post on the linked topic for more examples).