PROFILE Preset storage

I’m realising that presets are only stored locally, and since login happens everytime I’m on a new machine, there’s no reason to not store Profiles in the cloud?

Hi Bedlammusic,

You are definitely on to something here. It’s in our plan to make it so you can access profiles over the cloud. We’re only a small team and currently we’re working on the next update for Dubler (1.3). We’re coming towards the end of that work in the next month or two and then we will turn our attention to what’s next - for this we definitely want to do some work on the login and user areas (I mean wouldn’t it be nice if the forum was even somehow connected - but that’s easier said than done). But anyway cloud profiles is definitely something that we’ll look at as part of that work. Realistically though there won’t be a release with anything until early 2021. Thanks for the suggestion - it’s good to hear it would be useful! George