Question about importing previously recorded audio

Hi team!

Looks like a great product. I’m looking to purchase just want to see if my thinking is right here as most of the tutorials are all real-time use and recording using Dubler 2.

The setup:
Very often i’m on the run with songwriting partners and prefer a very simple IOS setup on an ipad mini or iphone to get down initial ideas. the ipad mini powers a little focusrite scarlett and condensor mic so check the box there. I don’t have a laptop and operating system/DAW that would run Dubler 2 on the fly like this.

The question:
Assuming well trained sounds in Dubler 2 back at home on my operating system and DAW. Can you take previously recorded audio utilising voice for things like beat ideas, lead ideas, bass line ideas and chord ideas all from a previous session recorded and drop them into Dubler 2 later? We’re assuming here good performance in relative pitch. Or is Dubler 2 really only useful in a realt ime settings where you can monitor and adjust settings of key, chords, pitch etc? (or is it just as effective after?)

Thank you in advance.


At the moment Dubler is focused on real time inputs so there isn’t an option right now for processing pre-recorded audio through the app. There are a number of reasons for this but the main focus of the app is to use your voice as a MIDI controller, just like a launch pad or keyboard in real time.

That being said, a more portable setup and use of voice notes is a heavily requested feature so we have definitely put thought into what this might look like in the future. It sounds like Dubler might not be the exact right tool to fit in your current setup, but hopefully this can change further down the line!

Liam, legend for replying. Sounds like a no go for the iOS on a fly setup maybe in years to come.

I’m not ruling out upgrading having an on the go Macbook Air setup alternative for fast on the go songwriting sessions with artists too which would bring Dubler 2 back int he fold.

Thanks again.