Recording function in Dubler Software

Can there be a recording function in Dubler Software, that sounds can be recorded and exported as wav file for example. Then it could be easier integrated with any DAW, especially Audacity too.

Thanks for your hard work!!

Hi Mr.Tom!

At the moment the Dubler sounds can’t be recorded into other apps. They are just for feedback within Dubler so you don’t always need to be connected to a DAW when making any adjustments to your profile. But we’ll definitely add it to our feature request list! There are some potential workarounds using audio routing software, or loopback features in the audio interface. If your interface doesn’t have loopback you could even just plug the output into the input with a cable, this would create the same effect (be careful about feedback here)

Just out of interest what kind of recording capabailities would you be interested in the app? Being able to record and edit to a set tempo? Or just recording any audio output?