Reviews by singers?

Hi all, new here today and quite likely waiting a while for my kit, understandably - what a great innovation! As with anything human to midi integrated my biggest hope is that it’s a fluid connection. I will certainly be using the software to get simple beats up with stuff like Superior drummer but primarily i’m interested in sung phrases. Thus far in all the searches i’ve done I haven’t seen a good example of notes being sung that aren’t extremely basic drones and that don’t involve big atmospheric synth patches that disguise possible latency and complexity with slow attacks and releases. Can anyone point me in the direction of a vid or tell of your own success or failure singing real melodic lines with dry software samples and naked synth sounds? I’m extremely excited by this thing but also a little concerned!

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Hi, I’m happy to post some videos in this thread today singing some melody lines with some dry synths!

They’re likely just to be iphone videos so excuse the quality but they’ll hopefully give you an idea of how it responds. (In the meantime a user asked a similar thing for hardware synths so here’s a short one controlling a mother 32 which hopefully also gives you an idea of a dry sounding synth)

We’re currently developing the pitch side and making changes so I’ll give a little insight into what we’re doing in the future as well with the videos

Thanks Liam, looking forward to it. If you are able to, triggering something like a cello or a flute from a decent Kontakt or similar sampler module would be very helpful to see also, basic stuff but with a reasonably quick run up and down a scale to a click. It’s the only way I think some users are going to know if it’s going to be useful for a certain approach. Really appreciate it.

Yes no worries, I’m out of office at the moment and realised I don’t have a dubler mic with me. Doh! But let me send the videos over on monday morning when I’m back in the office and then I’ll also be able to do some with kontakt flute and strings e.t.c

:+1::+1: Cheers Liam

Hi Gleepworp!

Here a couple little snippets. One is just a quick flute melody recorded live, and the other is a cello doing a C minor scale to a click. In the second you can see the MIDI notes as well as the audio to hopefully give a better idea of what’s going on when you record in. None of it is edited at all

You can see in the MIDI information for the cello there’s a couple of small ghost notes when doing the scale at double speed but doesn’t effect the sound particularly, when using pitch to MIDI there is usually the odd note or so to cleared up especially when singing quick phrases but hopefully it demonstrates how it might react

We like to think of Dubler as a new instrument and like all new instruments it does take a little bit of tweaking and practicing to get the best results, if you take Dubler straight out of the box and don’t set up properly you can get some quite crazy results if singing a scale straight into it, so it’s just about spending some time with it to get the best and most accurate pitch to MIDI experience

When your kit arrives if you need any help setting up let us know and we can jump on a call to get it working as you’d expect

In the meantime if you want to see anything more we’ll be doing a live AMA on Thursday 4pm GMT on our YouTube channel where we’ll be doing some demos (including some strings parts) so feel free to tune in. It’ll be uploaded after if you miss it




Thanks again Liam, well understood on the two way street that the Dubler is and these vids look pretty sharp it should be said. Maybe I’m in a minority but I reckon a bit more of that style of example could attract a wider interest. It’s a bit like when companies pushing guitar modelers only use highly saturated and delayed examples in their vids when there’s a hell of a lot of people who want to know if you can just get a decent clean tube tone - often because that’s the hardest thing to emulate. The bare bones are the most convincing so thanks for doing these, very reassuring and exciting.
Best, Glenn


Good Question, I’m expecting mine tomorrow, so hopefully the latency isn’t distracting since I want to use it with a loop station.