Seeking Users Experiences Using Music Maker by Magix

Hi All,
I purchased the Dubler 2 software only instead of studio kit during the Black Friday sale, great price!
The Dubler 2 microphone is currently out of stock until sometime in 2024 (how can that be?).
I’m exploring microphone and interface options that will work with Dubler 2 and my DAW, I own Music Maker 2024 by Magix. I also own Acid Pro 10 Suite by Magix. According to the Vochlea website, a dynamic mic is preferred over condenser mic. There are a couple compatible choices listed for infaces. I’m considering the Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface and the Fifine K668 Dynamic Mic as my preferred options. Before posting here on Vochlea Forums, I reached out to Magix to see what they had to say about Dubler 2. According to Magix, they have tested the general operational aspects of Dubler 2 when using with Music Maker, and, in simple terms, can verify that the software does what it’s supposed to do. Magix could not verify specifics of various interfaces or microphones, or their sound and recording quality. Magix also couldn’t verify any features that wouldn’t work or higher functions that had issues, such as all frequencies of vocal recognition, or saving recordings and import export functions.
My questions are: Does anyone have positive or negative experiences using the Dubler 2 software with Magix Music Maker, in conjunction with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface (or M-Audio) and a dynamic microphone, and, if so, what makes and models of of these accessories? I sincerely appreciate any solid feedback, advice or recommendations.