Setting up in REAPER

Hi everyone,
Managed to get it up and running. But can anyone help me with setting it up in reaper and using it in there. I’m quite an amateur on all things DAW, so Mayb try and explain in baby steps if you can. I tried to send this to the help email provided but this got rejected by outlook so there might be an issue there fyi.
Thanks looking forward to having a good play once I can get it working on a DAW.

I set Dubler up in Reaper with no issues in Win 7 64.

After install, with Dubler open, go to Reaper>Options>Preferences>Midi Devices (i think that’s what it is called, I’m not in front it it now) and enable input from Dubler.

I hope that helps,

Thanks for this. It wasn’t working for ages, I had to play around with the sound card settings a bit but now seems to be connected. Do you know how I then use the in built reaper virtual instruments with dubler. Sorry I know this is more a Reaper question than dubler specific but any help would be great. Just want to play. So inpatient

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I haven’t used any built in vsti, only 3rd party, but it was straight forward with some, others needed me to play around.

Have you tried and they didn’t work? I find Dubler needs more fiddling with than the instruments.

Hi T,

Seems like you’re getting some good help here (thanks everyone). Sorry to hear you had issues with the help email - yikes maybe we need to set up a “help_with_the_helpEmail@vochlea” email address :laughing:
If you are continuing to have issues with Dubler please try the help email again. Outlook can sometimes block links or attachments. If it still won’t work for you, you can also raise a ticket by visiting and clicking on the red ‘help’ at the bottom right (then you can fill out an online form). Cheers! George