Setting up Mic for PC

I’m new to anything with music on a computer. And I am confused regarding the setup of the mic on PC.

I bought the Dubler Studio Kit 2 which includes the Dubler mic. My understanding was that as long as I purchase the mic, the setup would be much easier. But this has not been the case and I am not seeing any guides on how to setup the Dubler 2 mic on pc besides calibrating a custom mic on pc.

The recommendation from Vochlea is to have a separate audio interface. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t I just buy the audio interface and mic to go with it, instead of buying a Dubler mic? I don’t really understand the point of this extra hardware.

Can someone point me to a full guide? Or help clear up things for me?


If you are on a Windows device you will still need to use an audio interface with the Dubler mic - unless you want to use ASIO4ALL

Apologies if you are not happy with your purchase - one of the main benefits to using our mic with Dubler is that you never have to calibrate it. You can plug it in and start using it straight away!

Hi Josh, thank you for your response.

So does the dubler mic then connect to the audio interface and then the audio interface into the pc?
I haven’t seen any audio interface that takes a usb mic input.


They would remain separate so the Dubler mic is connected to your computer via USB, and the same for your interface. You would be using both in tandem. If you wanted to keep things simple you could use an external dynamic mic with your interface as described, however our mic just guarantees the best performance and offers a portal plug and play experience.

If you have any questions about the setup let me know