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Nice one Jan, let me get the knowledge sharing kicked off!

The performance of Dubler in the videos you’ve seen are completely legit. To confirm you’re having the full Dubler experience, if you put headphones on and you activate triggers - it should feel instant - as if your mouth was producing the sound itself. That’s how good the latency should be, if you’re not experiencing that, that means you need to get changing your DAW and/or system settings! I can promise you any latency issues are not at the Dubler end - we have a guaranteed low input latency from our side (we even wrote our own ASIO driver), but latency depends on your output.

There are some guides at to help improve latency for more detail, but I’ll give you my opinionated low down. Set your buffer size to 128 in your DAW (or ASIO driver if on windows). 128 buffer size is 2.9ms, which is quick enough for that instant feeling, but is high enough to still give your DAW/driver time to do its processing properly. If you have a super powerful machine you could drop it to 64, but I think the returns are diminishing. If it struggles go to 256 as the very upper limit for acceptable latency.

The most important thing is to check the output latency written on your DAW or output. My Macbook Pro at 128 says something like overall 5ms in Ableton for output latency. If this number is 20ms, it’s not going to feel instant! One useful bit of knowledge to share is that on both my iMac and Macbook Pro, I get 5ms at 128 buffer size with headphones/speakers plugged in, but 20ms using the inbuilt speaker. So watch out for these things!

If you’re on Windows it can be much harder to get your latency low, unless you have a dedicated audio interface (e.g. Focusrite Scarlett) with an ASIO driver. You might have to go with ASIO4ALL if you are using your built in soundcard which can be tricky to configure. Watch videos, read guides. Get in touch if you have any issues as we want to make sure you’re having a great experience. Also, it would be great to have experienced Windows music production users share their tips with us here too. Please do!

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Daven thanks for this, great summary! Once I received my kit I will let you know how it went.