Shure SM7B settings?

I just bought Vochlea Dubler 2, but haven’t purchased the USB mic yet.

Have you guys had much success using a different microphone than the one they sell on here?

I am curious if changing my settings on the microphone would help… I can switch it to the low pass filter, and/or the high booster. Would either one help with using this software?

Just curious. Thanks!

Hi! You should be able to get very similar results to the Dubler mic with a calibrated dynamic like the SM7B. Some filter settings could potentially help, a high pass filter would be most useful for removing lower frequencies and keeping just the higher pitched frequencies. I would make sure to recalibrate whenever you change gain or filter settings on your microphone

Also there may be some tips outside of the mic to improve note accuracy and consistency. You can find our page that offers some tips on this here - Dubler 2 - Using Pitch

Let me know if you have any questions