Smoothing out MIDI CC data

I’ve just got my Dubler kit and I so excited that I had to immediately try it out. Unfortunately, my voice is not great, and because Dubler picks up even tiny differences, it generates MIDI data that is as shaky as my voice :cry:

Would it be possible to have an averaging filter (something like a low-pass filter) on the generated MIDI CC data? As the readouts between each of the vowels (and envelope too) differ much, the time constant (cutoff frequency) has to be adjustable independently.

I think it would be of great help for all who want to use it as advanced expression controller.

Hi there!

Glad you’re up and running with Dubler :slight_smile: And thank you for the suggestion!

Just to make sure I’ve understood you correctly - is it that you would wish the output of MIDI CC values to smoothed out?


Wow, that’s a fast reply! :smiley:

Yes, I would like the output of MIDI CC values to be smoothed out (with adjustable strength of the smoothing).

Haha, yes, I’m so excited to see that people like yourself are using Dubler!

Brilliant, I think this is great idea and we’ll put it on the development TODO list.


Just heads-up for anybody waiting for this, MSoundFactory by MeldaProductions has built-in smoothing for three MIDI CC (#2, #11, #74). While it’s hard to use Dubler with other synths I have, with MSoundFactory it is much much better :slight_smile: