Some initial feedback

Hi, im a new user and wanted to give some simple initial feedback

Good tracking algorithms
Midi capture plugin option
Very stable
Separated outputs for trigger, pitch and chords
Key detection
Formant/Envelope follower/mapper

No Pitchbend Reset at Note-off (next note can suffer from abrupt pitchbend-change at attack)
Lack of drop-down-menu for Octave, Midi output channels, CC channel mapping and Pitch-bend range (takes 47 clicks to change pb-range from 1-48!)
Extra reminder about spacebar recording at Midi capture plugin startup
No velocity scaling (like the CC parameters have)
Crappy inbuilt audio featuring non-optional reverb and delay
Leaving the key tab without changing anything givs a prompt for som keys (eg. chromatic and whole tone)
No searchable manual

Some wishes:
Make whole app a plugin would improve workflow
Inbuilt audio basic waveforms (i guess this output is not midi-triggered?)
Ability to save calibrations (in case you switch microphones at the audio input)
Load last profile on opening


Thanks so much for taking the time to give us this feedback - its super helpful to hear from users.

Our developers are always interested in hearing from people like yourself and if you’d be interested in joining them in Beta test for future developments - please fill the form out below.

Hope to hear from you soon!