'Stay on top'-Feature

Hey there,

  1. I am using a 4 Monitor setup and I have the issue that dubler disappears into the background when I click on my VSTi and I have to get dubler back to front which is apparently pretty annoying because then my VST is gone to the background.

Is there an option “Stay on top” which I am missing?

  1. I am using a Resolution of 3840x2160 on a 46" Monitor. In this resultion even the large GUI appears very tiny. The Option to scale the GUI (up to 250%) would by VERY handy.


Hi Stanley,

Unfortunately as Dubler is a standalone application there isn’t a way to have it visible all the time with additional windows in your DAW. But I would recommend looking into some third party apps which are able to keep a window on top. If you’re on windows here’s a quick article I found on it: https://www.techjunkie.com/always-on-top-windows-10/

In terms of resolution it’s definitely something we’re aware of, I’ll pass this on to our development team for users with larger monitors!