Track made using Dubler

Hi everyone,

Thought would kick off things in here try and get people to post some of the ideas and tracks people have been working on. Have seen some really interesting stuff in the FB private group

Here’s a track I put together in the office today using Dubler, (I’m using crappy in ear headphones so excuse the bad mixing)

Really enjoy using Dubler in plugins that have choir/voices in them as it makes me feel better about my own voice aha, also put together the intricate little clicky percussion with triggers and layered the kicks and bass on after

Let us know what you think and post some of your own tracks / demos or ideas you’re currently working on!


Nice! Trippy rhythm. :slight_smile: I do also like to use vocals from synths of samplers, for example, Output Exhale. I guess you’ve already heard this one My first brew with Dubler. I’ve replaced the Arp for a smoother Arturia organ-like sound. Will post the track if it’s ready for the big audience :wink: Cheers!